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Garden Calisthenics Park

Pull-Up, Push-Up, Dips bars


We are roofers, but everyone in our squad also trains calisthenics. We have built ourselves and some of our friends calisthenics parks in which we can train. Home workouts have become very popular during the lockdown period. We give to you with the offer to create your own training place.

We combine passion with business.

We make garden parks for calisthenics (streetworkout) with wooden posts and metal pipes. We attach the pipes to the posts using proven solutions on ourselves. Posts firmly attached to the ground are stable, which will allow us full control of our body.

With nice design, we can compose our calisthenics park with the garden. This gives us more options for connecting to, for example, a terrace or a fence.

Our approach to the customer is very individual. We adapt to even the most fancy ideas.

We have ready projects. If you need something more, we’ll be happy to take action to meet your requirements.

The prices of our parks start from £150!