EPDM is an abbreviation for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM roofing system is one of the most durable and ecological materials used for roofing, mainly flat roofs. EPDM as a synthetic rubber, owes its durability mainly to two ingredients derived from natural gas and oil. EPDM membrane is thin and lightweight and at the same time extremely strong and resistant to extreme temperatures, which makes it an excellent flat roofing material. In the temperature range from -40C to + 120C, no cracks or peels of EPDM are observed. Studies show that the lifetime of EPDM can be up to over 50 years. EPDM can be successfully used to repair a shed, garage or any building with a flat roof. It is also possible to install EPDM on any roof slope. There are several types of EPDM that are dedicated to different types of buildings. The EPDM manufacturer offers for their product up to 20 years warranty available for certified installers.