Roofing services London

Everything for flat roofs – building, finishes and roof renovations

Modern solutions for flat roofs

We are specialists in waterproofing and sealing flat roofs. We perform works using three modern systems: Hydronylon, EPDM and Fibreglass. We are able to provide roofing services for flat roofs of both – small residential buildings and large industrial or commercial buildings. But our services can including a much wider scope of work than sealing and waterproofing flat roofs. We are happy to create a roof terrace for you or help you in remove from the roof harmful to health asbestos.

Comprehensive roofing services in London

It does not matter if you are just looking for a team to build a solid flat roof or you would like to finish the existing roof of your building. We provide comprehensive roofing services in London at every stage of roofing works – from creating a roof structure, providing thermal insulation for a flat roof to finishing works using the previously mentioned systems. We can also offer roof renovations, installation of roof windows (for example skylifghts, velux etc.), exchange decking, installation of a new roof structure or replacement, cleaning and repair fascias, gutters or soffits.

Roof terrace or garden terrace

A flat roof does not have to be just a roof. Modern construction solutions allow it to be used for example as a roof terrace. The rooftop terrace can be a great viewpoint or business meeting place. We are happy to design a roof terrace for you and make it from beginning to end. If you dream of a more ordinary garden terrace, we can also help to create that one.

3 years of experience in roofing services in London

We have been providing roofing services in London and in surrounding towns for 3 years. We have been trusted by many individual and business clients, who have appreciated the modern roofing solutions we use and the reliability of works related to flat roofs, that we perform. During this time, we worked on various constructions, which were often quite complicated. This is why today we have no fear of any challenge related to roofing services for flat roofs.

Long-term warranty on roofing services

You don’t have to worry about the quality of our roof renovation or other roofing services. We carry out all works with care for the long life of flat roofs and we provide a guarantee for each service. The guarantee can last up to even a dozen or so years, so the expenditure on roofing services in London, offered by our company, is a guarantee of well spent money.

Asbestos in roofing – removal and utilization

You probably know that asbestos used in old roofing building technology is harmful to the health of the household. Our company deals with removal asbestos from roofing and its utilization. By ordering us the roof renovation, you will not only get rid of leaks or improve the visual appearance of your home but also take care of your health.

Not only was their work outstanding, they were polite, courteous, helpful and worked very hard to get the work done quickly. Everyday they tidied up so you wouldn’t know builders had been in. Honestly the best workers we’ve ever had.